Dandelion Dragon


This Dandelion Dragon is available in Dragon City as a Ice and Plant-type dragon that can be found in the market for breeding. It requires two special dragons for a chance to get this dragon and combines the elements of Ice and Plant into one dragon for you to breed!

Buying Price:  250 ic-gem
Habitat:  Ice/Nature
Level Requirement: 13
Breed Time: 12 Hours
This feather light friend is a must for every Dragon enthusiast. Its puffy appearance will draw crowds from far far away to see its famous disappearing act.

Breeding Chart

Breeding this dragon is simple. You need to use the elements this dragon is made out of and that means using the Ice Dragon for Ice and the Nature Dragon for Plant.

The breeding time is 12 Hours.

Evolving Dragons

All Dragons have four different forms beginning from the egg to a full adult. In each form you will get a different visual effect that visually tells you the dragon has changed one way or another.

The forms are listed below

Egg – In this form the dragon is still in its egg stage that means he hasn’t hatched or seem the world around them.

Baby – The baby stage is one of the cutest stage of your dragon designs. Because in this stage the dragon is in its purest form and patiently awaits you to return to their habitat for feeding!

Teen – The teenage dragon is a bit more difficult to handle but now they can battle against other dragons and become even stronger and even help you through your game.

Adult – This is the final stage for the dragon. Becoming an Adult means the dragons will have stronger attacks and be able to win against many battles in your game.

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